“The kept.pro team was able to rapidly clean up and assess the books of a prospective investment opportunity, enabling clear and timely communication of financial data to banks and investors.”

Thad Kahlow

Whether you’re dealing with a bank, investor, accountant or fractional CFO, you’re going to need an accurate and complete set of books curated by a credible party.

Get the right information, in the right format, at the right time by engaging with our proven team of bookkeeping professionals.

Contact us today to see why our clients have better relationships with their debt and equity holders by begging fewer questions about the quality or completeness of their financial statements.

Our firm exclusively utilizes

the QuickBooks Online Accountant product as the system of record for our clients. We’re also well versed in many integrated products and can recommend – and implement – the appropriate solution for your business.

Our team members are all Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors

and experienced in their respective roles. By building our entire delivery model around the best remote tools and training, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to service your business regardless of disruptions like heavy traffic or global pandemics.

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The right training, experience, platform, and approach to accelerate your investment.

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