How to Choose a Financial and Accounting Outsourcing Provider

January 20, 2023

Every organization and company has finance and accounting needs. Indeed, finance and accounting are the foundational keys to a company’s success.

Many companies turn to outsourced providers to handle their accounting needs to get access to well-trained, high-quality individuals. If you’re wondering how to choose a financial and accounting outsourcing provider to help manage your business, here are some things to keep in mind.

Make Sure They Have a Proven History of Success

Before outsourcing any aspects of your financial or accounting elements to a third-party provider, you should verify that they have a proven track record.

This track record should be reputable and span a significant (yet reasonable) period. For example, you probably won’t want to work with someone in their first year of professional experience.

Ask About Their Process

Since the outsourced team will essentially be an extension of your staff, you want to understand their workflow and process to determine whether they’ll fit your team well.

You’ll most likely have to make some modifications, such as ensuring that you have the right communication technology so the third-party provider can communicate effectively with your internal staff.

Make Sure They Understand Your KPIs

You want your financial partners to be on the same page regarding KPIs for your company. The provider you decide to work with should know your KPIs and help you monitor them as they relate to finance or accounting.

By doing so, the provider can help you monitor and measure performance on an ongoing basis, keeping you in the loop about significant developments relating to your company’s financial resources.

Ensure Data Security

The company you work with should have high-quality data security measures of its own and be willing to adopt your company’s internal security practices.

After all, they’ll have access to some of your company’s most sensitive information. As such, you must ensure they’ll keep your data safe and confidential.

The provider you work with should be able to explain and demonstrate the various security measures they have in place. They should also be willing to adapt their security practices at a moment’s notice if emerging threats dictate it.

Is Everyone on Their Team Competent?

In addition to reviewing the company’s track record, you’ll want to ensure the team member assigned to you is competent enough to handle the tasks they’ll be given. The professional you work with should have the necessary training and knowledge to manage their core duties.

Don’t hesitate to ask about your assigned accountant or account manager’s qualifications. This also gives them an opportunity to showcase their experience and tell you why they’re a good fit for the job.


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